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Welcome to the official website of Michael Bailey Smith. Hey, that's me! Contained within these pages is my journey as an actor in this crazy town of Hollywood. Here you can read about all my trails and tribulations, my successes and my failures. This is not your typical actors website. I'm going to be as honest and straightforward as I can. So, when I sucked at an audition, I'm going to say that I sucked. And when I've done great, I'm going say that too.

This site contains some of the standard stuff that most actor's websites have such as Bio, Gallery and Credits. But the cool thing is that I made them much more personal. I've have tons of cool stories, video clips, still images and even some hidden stuff that if you look hard enough, you'll find. I also have a message board where you can ask me a question or just want make a statement.

One of the coolest parts of this site, and something I'm most proud of, is my Journal and Credit pages. The Journal is my personal diary about everything that has happened to me on a week-to-week basis. It starts from August 27, 2001 and continues from there. "But what about the stuff that's happened before August 27?" you asked. Well, that's where the Credits page comes in. It covers the years from 1990 to present. I've made the Credits page a lot like the Journal but not as detailed.
Well, that's about it! Get your mouse and keyboard ready and start exploring one man's journey as an actor. It's a journey that I think you will really enjoy.

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