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Men in Black II
July 3, 2002 in Theaters

I play "Creepy" and pretty nasty guy who gets eaten by one of the aliens. (Actually the alien is Lara Flynn Boyle. She's very cool.)

Master of Disguise
August 16, 2002 in Theaters

This is a Dana Carvey film where I play the right-hand man to the bad guy, Bowman (Brent Spiner). Pretty funny stuff, I hope…

August 4, 2002 in Theatres

I play, "Skinhead" an Aryan Brotherhood gang leader in a prison boxing film. The film stars Wesley Snips and Ving Rhames.

Black Mask II
Winter of 2002 in Theaters

I play a professional wrestler who refuses take the steroid like potion that changes the other wrestlers into monsters.

The S.H. U. (working title)
2003 in Theaters

I play two characters in this film, Valia and Boo. Both are pretty cool and bad ass guys. The film stars Jean-Claude Van Damme.

November 5, 2002

I have the starring role in this film. I play a Vampire that works for the government. It's a comedy. My good friend, Dietrich Johnston directed this short film. You are all invited!

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